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Our expertise in software and hardware systems integration for manufacturing has provided us with the knowledge to develop solutions that answer the needs of today's clients. These solutions include:

  • OnTrackMIS - Our OnTrackMIS factory information and reporting application was developed to encompass all of the elements required to effectively manufacture product. OnTrackMIS handles Scheduling, Material inventory, Equipment maintenance and utilization, Production, Racking, Barcode/RFID tracking, Quality analysis, Work in process (WIP) and Finished goods Inventory management. All modules interact with the others, for example allowing Scheduling know if there is insufficient material or Die maintenance know if there is a quality problem.   OnTrackMIS contains a comprehensive library of Reports and Charts for every element of the production process.  

    OnTrackMIS can also be configured to be Bi-lingual, able to change between two languages at the press of a button. This feature makes it valuable for corporations that utilize foreign manufacturers such as Maquiladoras or Chinese providers.

OnTrackMIS Product Sheets:   Overview / Scheduling / Inventory / Maintenance

  • ETS Barcode/Lot tracking - Application that provides either automated (based on production) or manual (pushbutton) barcode labeling and then tracks the racks and containers of parts as they proceed through the material facility.

Lot Tracking Product Sheet:   ETS Barcode

  • Process Alerts - Monitoring of facility production and processes and alerts personnel when a process state changes. Messages can be sent to Pagers, Email, Cell phone Text, or Radio systems.

Alert Product Sheets:   Mobile Web / Tonnage Alarm / Fault Alerts

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Lot Tracking
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Process Alerts
Mobile Web
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